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Why Should You Auction?

Auctioning is a very classic form of marketing that can add an aspect of competition when selling your merchandise. Read more below to see how we can help make your auction a complete and favourable experience by increasing your gains and reducing your risk.

Sell When You're Ready to Sell

When you auction with Iowa Land and Home Specialist's, you can sell your property and valuables when you are ready. Schedule the auction to fit your time-frame and requirements without the pressure that comes with customary sales techniques. Auctioning provides a variety of methods to fit your availability and needs such as silent, online, and live auctions.

Sell Without the Worry

In our auction format, we help take the unknown out of your selling experience. In most traditional mailer type marketing methods you as the seller put a lot of faith into the unknown. With auctioning, you know almost down to the hour when your goods will be sold without relying on if potential customers will see or hear your ads in local papers or on local radio stations.

Create Interesting Marketing

Auctioning allows you as the seller to have first hand control on how and when your items are marketed. In today's technology centric world, we can help you reach a broader set of potential customers by marketing your items in multiple ways including on-line and via more traditional approaches such as flyers and local papers.

Increase Gains Via Competition

Auctioning can help increase your potential gains by creating an environment of competition. All potential buyers come together to compete for your items. Auction goers thrive off of each other to hopefully drive the price of your goods higher and higher. As potential buyers compete, your gains increase.

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Our Promise to you as Auctioneers

'At Iowa Land and Home Specialist, we strive to give you a complete auction experience from the first bid to the last. We guarantee to keep your auction professional and efficient while getting the most from every item you have to auction.'

Our auctioneers follow a strict routine while preparing for and executing your auction. We also understand that each auction is unique and aim to give you the personal touch you are looking for from your auctioning experience. Whether you are selling farm equipment, real estate, or personal items, we have the experience to help get the most from your items

More Ways an Auction Can Help You

Auctioning Provides Flexibility

Whether you are wanting to sell farm equipment, tillable or forested land, or even your home, auctioning provides you with the flexibility to sell your property when and how you want.

Your Property is Sold As Is

Your property is sold as is without any changes made by you. The buyer understands what he or she is getting at the time of purchase. You as the seller set the terms and the conditions of the sell.

Receive Your Payment at the Time of Purchase

Payments through auctions are prompt. Auctioned items must be paid for at the the time of purchase or within the first hour. This guarantees you receive the payment you were promised promptly and without worry.

Sold Items Can be Taken the Same Day

Your sold items can be taken the same day freeing up your space, and relieving the burden of caring for them from you. Once the buyer has made the payment and any formalities have been taken care of, the property is theirs to take.